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? Explore their traits and find your match

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No purchase necessary. 21+ Only. Prize is pick-up only at our BrewPub. Cans may not be opened or consumed on premise during pick-up.

Captain Skully

mango ipaCaptain Skully

Beach bum at sea. Captain Skully is all play and no work. A silly and fun attitude paired with a touch of kooky charm makes him the perfect beach companion.

Favorite Activity: Singing | Favorite Hobby: Smooth-sailing at sea | Favorite Music: Anything you can sing at a bonfire | His Secret: Can talk to dolphins | Motto: “Whatever happens, happens.”

Mr. Hop

fresh hop pilsnerMr. Hop

The ultimate drunk intellectual. A tad of a smartass know-it-all but his drunken aristocracy is so entertaining you can’t help but be amused. A happy-go-lucky approach to life and all that comes with it.

Favorite Activity: Party Crashing | Favorite Hobby: Reading drunk | Favorite Music: Reggae | His Secret: Has no secrets! ALL is revealed | Motto: “I know best. Because I said so.”

Madame Bushka

stoutMadame Bushka

The Duchess of the Beach. This foxy madame has a cheeky class about her so alluring that you can’t help but stare. But don’t be fooled, behind those deep pretty blue eyes she’s got some mischievous tricks up her sleeve.

Favorite Activity: Dancing | Favorite Hobby: People Watching | Favorite Music: Hits | Her Secret: She’s a spy | Motto: “Smile, it makes people wonder what you’re thinking.”


roadhead ipaMcRaider

The utmost nomad thrill seeker and complete adrenaline junkie. He’s always recklessly seeking the next adventure and there’s no stopping this rebellious daredevil.

Favorite Activity: Exploring banned territory | Favorite Hobby: Photography | Favorite Music: 80s Rock | Secret: Has a blog | Motto: “Don’t take things too seriously.”

Agent Lemon

limon lagerAgent Lemon

All action, no talking. This sly yet charming hooligan always gets his way. A connoisseur of sneaky tactics so seducing you’ll be captivated by his plan before you know it.

Favorite Activity: Sneaking into movies | Favorite Hobby: Cooking | Music: Electro Pop | His Secret: No one knows. He’s a Ninja | Motto: “Walk it, don’t talk it.”

hollywood brewing brewpub

We’re in Hollywood, Florida

Visit us at our BrewPub on the beach or join us for a tour at our large production facility.
Maps Hollywood Brewing

We’re in Hollywood, Florida

Visit us at our BrewPub on the beach or join us for a tour at our large production facility